About 1 month ago we started contacting developers of the Sony Playstation videogame Hardware Rivals and tell them about our plans for a documentary about Hardware Rivals and it’s predecessor Hardware Online Arena. The project intrigued a lot of them immediately, so we we received their help to let Sony give us permission to interview developers

At a company as big as Sony there is always lots of red tape involved and people working there have their NDA’s (Non-disclosure Agreements), so it’s always a struggle to let them represent Sony or even their development team.

But the 4 weeks of emailing and especially the first version of the promo made Sony say yes to our project!

The art style we chose leant itself well when designing the projectiles of the weapons. This is especially apparent on maps such as ‘Outpost 92’ where it’s darker and they really look fantastic, almost like a firework display in very heated battles (Natalie Marten – Hardware Rivals Senior Artist)