Since I was a teenager I’ve been playing boardgames and videogames on and off. Ater a black-and-white pong machine and some other prehistoric console my brothers and I bought our Atari 2600 in 1981 bundled with the game Asteroids. Our boardgame adventures started with playing Risk, but really took off after we got into the more serious games like Axis & Allies. The more serious and complex boardgames are all about strategy, diplomacy and a bit of luck, just like life itself.

Both the videogames and boardgames were stored when the weather would let us play outside. During winter it was gaming time again.

I’ve been out of videogames for quite some time until we got a Playstation 4 in our studio for some fun stress relief. The last 1 or 2 years I’m very interested in the immersive qualities of videogames and their social aspect. I even met some gamers in real life abroad and got in contact with game deelopers. This has even lead me to start a documentary about that. Boardgaming we do once a month with a group of friends, also in our studio.